Consultations & Oultline Design

Onsite Design Consultation - Typically; 50 - 100 - charged at an hourly rate (travel time is charged at same rate).
Together we can view your garden and establish your needs and requirements.
We discuss and develop ideas and ensure they are practical, functional and cost effective.
Also, a chance to meet the designer prior to deciding if you wish to progress the ideas into an Outline Garden Design.

Outline Garden Design - a creative yet detailed 2D CAD design.
My outline plans are, usually, all that the Builder/Landscaper requires to construct the hard landscaping.
The following Fees are for Detailed Outline Plans and are to be used as a guide because they can vary according
to individual design requirements - planting plans are additional.

Small Gardens = 500 - 800
Medium Gardens = 800 - 1100
I will view the garden and provide a free quote.

The above fees include a presentation and explanation of the design at my studio.

Additional Services

Structural Plan - a detailed plan showing measurements, structural requirements
and materials to aid builders and planners. (typically, 200-400).

Plant Selection - I can select (you can join me at the nursery), collect and layout the
plants for planting (typically 100-300 - I can arrange to plant the plants or you can do it yourself)

Planting Plan - providing you with a numbered plan and relevant planting information (typically, 200-500) .

Project Monitoring - monitoring the implementation of the build, sourcing and
pricing materials etc. Based on an hourly rate or built-in fee to the building cost (typically, 200-400).

Individual Feature Design/Part Garden Design - e.g. detailed Deck design to aid
construction and planning permission, detailed patio or pond design (typically, 150-300)

Deposits, paid at stages, will be requested: typically 25% after survey & 100% after completion of the Outline Design.
Basic modifications to outline design's, at the clients request, are included in the above price schedule.
Substantial changes will be charged at an hourly rate.

All plans remain the property of Ian Anderson until paid for in full.
Design fees are NOT subject to VAT.
Settlement of accounts is expected within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.
Failure to settle will result in a 5% surcharge applied continually every calendar month.
Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover Ian Anderson Garden Design

Full Details of Design Services and their Terms and Conditions

Onsite Design Consultation
Onsite Design Consultation, available by the hour. Together we can view your garden and establish your needs and requirements.
We discuss and develop ideas and ensure they are practical, functional and cost effective.
Also, a chance to meet the designer prior to deciding if you wish to progress the ideas into an Outline Garden Design.
A function plan sketch and additional information can be prepared during the visit.

Detailed Outline Design
Site Survey
On agreement to prepare an Outline Design, a site visit is undertaken to assess
and discuss the clients design requirements and to conduct a site survey for
analysis. A Design Checklist shall be completed during the Site Survey and it will
be discussed in detail to establish the clients needs & requirements.
During the survey, I prepare a sketch Site Assessment Plan. The Site Assessment Plan
is prepared to obtain an understanding of the site and it contains information such
as measurement, soil type, gradients, utilities etc. Digital photographs of the site may be
taken to aid the development of the design. I design creatively to suit your requirements.

Outline Design Plan
The Outline Plan takes into account the information derived from the Client, Design
Checklist, Site Assessment and Function Plans, and is based on the principles of
function and aesthetics.
The Outline Plan will be a scale drawing and show proposed areas of hard landscaping, i.e. patios, walls,
decking etc. and suggests materials to be used. Soft landscaping i.e. lawns,
planting areas, vegetable plot etc. and utility and storage areas are also indicated.
Precise details, such as construction materials, branded products, plant quantities
and individual names are not included on the Outline Plan.
The Outline Plan, drawn accurately by CAD, and a basic colour plan may be
provided to indicate features, setting out broad proposals for the site and situation.
It is a proposal and basic modifications can be done if required. It may include
sketch details, 3D CAD drawings and views, and elevations depending on the site and the clients requirements.
An outline plan is usually all that the Builder/Landscaper require to construct a your garden.
However, should they require further information I can provide additional information.
Always use a reputable builder and seek advice from Architects, Planners, Structural Engines, and Electricians etc. where appropriate.
The Outline plan is to be used as a guide and relies on experienced builders / Landscapers to advise accordingly and implement the build.

Planting Plan
The numbered Planting Plan contains botanical names of individual plants, their
quantities and location. The plants are symbolised where the outline of each plant
shows its spread after maturity and a dot marks its planting position.
I am available to select, collect, layout and plant plants.
Alternatively, I can meet you on site to discuss your planting requirements and go and select and deliver the plants.
I can then place them in situation ready for planting (I can arrange for planting of you can do it yourself)

Structural Plan
The Structural Plan shows, in detail, the structural elements of the design, i.e.
individual brick or paving arrangements and shows how the measurements are to
be marked out on the ground itself. A work schedule can also be planned at this
stage. These drawing are often used for planning applications.

Project Monitoring
I am available to advise on construction/ landscaping issues and monitor construction,
regardless who carries out the works. I can help you obtain a price from Builders/Landscapers.
A monitoring fee can be built into the projects cost or I can work for directly for you, the Client.
The build implementation is a contract (quote or estimate) between the client and the Builder/Landscaper
I do not take responsibility for any negligence or workmanship.
It is advisable to obtain more than one quote; I can be contracted, on your behalf, to source quotations and advise accordingly.

Individual Feature Design/Part garden design
Individual features, e.g. pergolas, decking, arbours, fencing, ponds etc, can be designed
and presented as a detailed Structural Drawing to aid construction or as a colour
rendering for appraisal. Part garden designs will be based on area as per the above price schedule.

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