I currently practice and own my Garden Design business and work, part time, as a Garden Design Lecturer
at SAC - the Scottish Agricultural College.

I graduated from Napier University in 1990 with a BSc. (Hons) Degree in
Industrial Design and Technology
. During vacations, valuable experience was
gained from maintaining and landscaping gardens whilst working for a large
landscaping business and for myself. After graduation, a successful career
followed in the oil industry. Fortunately, an opportunity provided me to follow a
career in gardening where a true passion lay.
Eager to be more professional, I gained experience from formal training in
Hard Landscaping, Dry-stone Wall Building and received a distinction for a
Diploma in Garden Design from the Institute of Garden Design.
When I first started the business, due to the seasonality of gardening, I got the opportunity to contract
for different structural engineering consultants and gained valuable knowledge of building construction
Hands on experience in landscaping and building ensures that my designs are practical without limiting creativity.
In-depth discussions, to establish the clients requirements, ensures a design
that fits the clients needs and wants.
I combine technology with artistic skills, for example, hand
rendered colour plans and computerised CAD working drawings.

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